Fine Arts Curriculum

Our curriculum program offers a course of instruction in physical education/health (Glencoe), instrumental band, creative writing (Covey), art (Adventures in Art), French (McDougal Littell) and Mandarin Chinese (Ni Hao). Fine Arts staff is certified and trained to teach our arts and music courses. In our Elementary Academy the students begin their studies through singing, playing simple instruments and listening to a range of different styles of music from different cultures. They eventually move on to create and perform a range of artistic works and play in our instrumental band or sing in our award-winning choir. Students with disabilities, special needs, or who are at-risk are supported through differentiated instruction in the classroom as part of our school-wide inclusion model. We use an interdisciplinary approach, making learning more coherent and enjoyable. Our curriculum asks students to solve genuine problems that require them to draw on several disciplines to arrive at the answers. Teachers utilize and implement many techniques and strategies to make education come alive. Students learn by addressing challenging, real-world problems. They read, write, investigate, experiment, and analyze, as well as present ideas through visual arts and a variety of media. Our curriculum stimulates all of the senses, draws on a range of skills, and reveals a multitude of talents.